Touchlink success


After my initial loss against the IKEA light (or Hue Bridge) when I failed to add the new light to my Hue Bridge, I gave up with the bridge and tried with a Hue Dimmer Switch which successfully touchlinked and controlled the IKEA light after the first try.

After successfully touchlinking (performed by pressing and holding 1) and controlling the light with the Dimmer Switch I tried resetting (press and hold 1 and 0) and add the light to the Hue Bridge, still without any success. When I tried to touchlink the light source again it did not work until I pressed the setup button on the back of the Dimmer Switch. When the Dimmer Switch was successfully controlling the light again I added it to the Bridge hoping that the light would then be discovered by the Bridge. Since that didn't work either I suspect that the Hue Bridge is the one to blame and not the light source which can be confirmed by this thread.

No more Philips Hue for me!



IKEA released the first part of its new TRÅDFRI range during the weekend and I made a visit to my local store to pick up some of the first light sources with hope to expand my existing system of Philips Hue and OSRAM Lightify devices.

"Only controllable by IKEA Smart lighting products." Challenge accepted! (To be continued...)

Content management backend is ready


The new backend and URL parsing code is finally implemented so I can start moving content from the old site.

New site is finally up


The new site is finally up and tested for the projects page. There is still a lot more work to be done.

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